Symmetry is all around us. It can be seen in architecture, wall paper, quilts to name a few. The visual impact of symmetry is amazing.
Mathematics is much more than finding sums, differences, products, and quotients. Mathematics is a way of looking at the world. As a mathematician, you view the world looking for regularity and order or the lack of order and regularity.

  1. Intro and activities for Line (Bilateral) symmetry, Rotational (Radial)
    symmetry2015.jpgsymmetry , and Point symmetrySMART Board file - Symmetry (revised January, 2015) -
    1. Download the SMART Notebook file:
    2. PDF of the SMART Notebook file if you don't have SMART Notebook software, the free viewer software, or just want the information and a printout of the pages in the file
    3. Symmetry Lab Worksheets with Answer Key: Download the Word Files:
  2. An amazing app for the iPad to make symmetric designs and learn about their mathematics - iOrnament
    1. Get the app here:
    2. Main website:
    3. Facebook page:
    4. Symmetries, Ornaments, and Computers video:
    5. Drawings from iOrnament:

  3. Symmetry -
    Wallpaper Group Diagrams:
    Wallpaper Images:
    7 strip patterns:
    17 wallpaper patterns: