JohnBenson.jpgDay 1 - John BensonRayKlein.jpg Day 2 - Ray Klein

Nancysm.jpgDay 3 - Nancy Powell

Day 1 Handouts - John

Circle and Tangents:

Day 2 Handouts - Ray

Transformational Geometry:
link to quadrilateral hierarchy diagram:.

Day 3 Handouts - Nancy

Sequences, series, limits, or just solve an infinite addition problem with paper folding:

Link to Sketchpad activities

Transformations of Super G and Golden Rectangle/Ratio

Common Core Math Practices:

Midsegment Investigation:

Tangrams with Congruence and Similarity;

Pythagorean Theorem Puzzles

What's Math got to do with it? Read my blog post:

QR Scavenger Hunt

SMART Board files

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SMART Notebook Interactive Viewer software

Discussion of Manipulatives -
Tangrams -

Pythagorean Theorem Puzzles

since the entire file was too large to upload to this site, I have posted each puzzle as it's own file below:

Quadrilateral QR Scavenger Hunt -