1. Geometry Golf-
Make a hole-in-one with the knowledge of reflections. There are three different kinds of golf activities that my students enjoyed, ranging from very simpleScaleModelGolf_sm.jpgto moderate to outrageous!
  1. Protractor Golf – Download the project: Protractor Golfing2012 – Protractor Golf is an activitiy that can be used with students just learning to use rulers and protractors through students who have experience with the Pythagorean Theorem, right triangle trig, to inverse trig. Download the activity with some practice holes. Put the practice holes in page protectors or clearVu paper savers like ones shown on this website: http://www.etacuisenaire.com/catalog/product?deptId=&prodId=76182&q=clearVu+paper+savers to save paper and promote more particiaption. Want a SMART Notebook for your SMART Board for this lesson? Download the SMART board file or as a .pdf:
  2. Mini Golf – Scale Models. – Download the project: Miniature Golf Instructions , MiniGolf.pngTeacher Notes for Miniature Golf Lesson, 3Practice Holes, and PowerPoint: HowtomakeaHOLE-in-One2009 Want a SMART Notebook for your SMART Board for this lesson? Download the SMART Notebook file:
  3. Life-Sized Mini Golf Holes made from 4′ x 8′ pieces of plywood and ready to play! Read my article “Reflections on Miniature Golf” in Mathematics Teacher, v87 n7 p490-95 Oct 1994
    Read more about Geometry golf and download the article at:

2. Be a Math Author -
Geometry students write a children's story book with a emphasis on geometry concepts. Read about the project at http://NAPmath.wordpress.comTimmyTriangle.jpg
Download the project handout as a Word document or a .pdf:

Read some of my Student Books

3. Structure Project -
structure.jpgHow strong can you make a structure out of 10 manilla file folders and white glue? It's a great challenge, getting students thinking outside the box and applying their knowledge and skills.
  • http://staff.district87.org/powelln/structures/default.html Please make sure to click on all of the links on this page to get all the pieces of the project. The school district is changing their website and for some strange reason, not all of the links are working correctly. I apologize for this.

4. String Art: An Adventure in Line Designs

View the project description at
View the instructional video that shows how to make curves with angles.

Download these supporting docs
  1. Project Description
  2. Major Parts and Materials
  3. Teacher Notes
  4. Evaluation chart -

symmetry - Copy.pngSymmetry Activities
  1. SMART board Symmetry lesson (if you don't have SMART Notebook, download the free program, SMART Notebook Express to be able to open this file.)
.pdf file of the SMART board Symmetry Activity pages

Read more about String Art and see student work at:
Read an overview: http://napmath.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/string-art-an-adventure-in-line-designs/
See student work: http://napmath.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/student-string-art-a-few-examples/



5. Origami + Math + Mobiles

Read an overview of this project with some background, history of origami, and guidelines at:

6. Leonardo Da Vinci's Bridge LeonardoDaVinciBridge.jpg

This is awesome! no nails, no ropes, no glue, just wooden sticks!

7. The WikiSeat ProjectWikiSeat.png

The WikiSeat project aims at bringing the designer/creater experience to every student, in every class, by building seats. There are over 5,000 students participating - learn about the project and watch the video at: http://www.indiegogo.com/wikiseat?c=home