This wiki was created by me as a resource for Geometry teachers. My name is Nancy Norem Powell and I love teaching math...especially Geometry! I was awarded the Presidential Award of Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST) in 1992. I passed my National Boards in AYA Math, and was honored with the Golden Apple Award in 2008.

I've written several articles in the Mathematics Teacher, was a member of the team of authors for the 3rd Edition of the UCSMP Geometry book, and most recently authored two Interactive whiteboard books - Create Activities for your SMART Board and Create Activities for your Promethean Board.

I believe that math should be hands-on, real-world, and highly interactive. Teachers need to have a solid understanding of math and use technology, manipulatives, and projects to get and keep students engaged and excited to learn math. Universities have an obligation to provide quality education including applications of the mathematics for teachers to bring into the classroom. the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM) Mathematical Practices will fundamentally change the way we prepare students in mathematics. Contrary to many teachers' understanding, these Mathematical Practices are student competancies and not teacher competencies. Test that reflects these standards will be much different than the standardized tests used in past years.

Think of the questions that students could be asked if they were assessed on these standards!
Mathematically proficient students will

Check out the Inside Mathematics Website -
to learn more about the Mathematical Practices and see them in action!